Which Medigap Insurance Companies are the best?

Medigap insurance has become the primary way for Medicare beneficiaries to make sure they do not get nasty bill when they use health services. While all the Medigap plans are the same (learn more about the different Medigap plans HERE) from carrier to carrier, the Medigap insurance companies are very different. To help out anyone using our site and getting quotes we put together a list of the most popular Medigap insurance companies. Each company in our list will have a quick summary and then a link to a more detailed page about that company. You may want to get a set of Medigap Insurance quotes before you view each of these because not all of them will be available in your area. You can get a set of custom quotes by filling out the form on the top of this page or by going to our page for Medigap quotes HERE.

Medigap Insurance Companies

AARP / United Health Care – The largest provider of the different Medigap insurance companies. AARP provides its insurance through United Health Care and has been a trusted name for decades. Find out more about AARP Medigap plans HERE.

Mutual of Omaha – Second only to AARP, Mutual is a trusted name across the country. Find out more about Mutual of Omaha Medigap plans HERE.

Humana – Made big waves when they partnered with Wal-Mart to provide Medicare Part D using the Wal-Mart pharmacies. They are also one of the tope Medicare supplement companies. Get more information on Humana Medigap plans Here.

Gerber – Relatively new to the Medicare supplement scene, compared to some of the others on this list. Gerber hit the ground running when they started carrying Medicare supplements. Learn more about Gerber Medigap plans HERE.

Blue Cross Blue Shield – With some form of BCBS in forty eight of the fifty states they are a well known name to millions of Americans. Get more information about Blue Cross Blue Shield Medigap plans HERE.

New Era – New Era is one of the newest insurance companies to offer Medicare supplement insurance. They are on our list because their rates are very competitive and, if they are available in your area, they tend to be one of the companies that we get a lot of questions about. Get information on New Era Medgiap plans HERE.

This will be a growing list as we are able to do the proper research for each company. If there is one or more of the Medigap insurance companies that is not on our current list and on which you would like more information, talk to the independent agent who put together your quotes and they will be happy to provide any information you need. If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you please feel free to contact us.